How Would You Like To Share About How You Began Your Journey With God? 😇

One of the Core Values of The Glory Place is New-Birth (being Born Again by the Spirit of God into a new and transformed life); And one of the Core Beliefs is Divine Encounters and Testimonies, as a means to declare God's reality and glory, and also as a tool to minister to others and encourage them in their walk with God as they go through their Christian journey on Earth.

Therefore we invite you to Share Your Story with us and get a chance to have your story published here on The Glory Place blog for FREE.

By this, you would not only be reaching out to many with your transformation story by the power of God, but more importantly you would be fulfiling the Great Call of the Believers to be True Witnesses for Christ by their Testimonies; thereby helping others from your experience to draw closer to God so as to find the same peace and joy which you have found in Him.

For confidentiality concerns; Full names and locations may be kept anonymous upon stories submission by choice. However, a valid email or mobile contact will be required for stories which will be published on the website; as there may be a need for further clarification, correction or editing.

However, submitted stories are expected to be COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL, SINCERE, AND WITHOUT ANY BIASES OR EXAGGERATIONS, and also kept within a space of 2 to 3 pages for ease of reading. YouTube video stories are also acceptable.

You may please Submit Your Story via any of the means below:
📌 WhatsApp/Telegram: +2348067076770
📌 Website Contact Form: Click Here

We look forward to hearing from you as you share how Jesus has changed your life, to inspire others into a more fruitful and fulfiling relationship with God.

God Bless You!
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